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Africans Committee of Nations (AFCONA).

African committee of nations is a formation of operational patriotic representatives of African countries. They are young, intelligent Africans of diverse background, who believe in themselves and the potential their individual countries and Africa can offer. They see, dream and live the opportunities their countries have, can develop and offer the world. There are one or two AFCONAs per country.


To be an AFCONA, the following criteria must be met:

1. You must be a citizen on the country you are applying to represent
2. You must be living in the country or at least, have visited the country more than 5 times in the past 24 months.
3. You must speak either English or French. (English is our preferred and official language)
4. You must be knowledgeable about the infrastructure requirement of the country and able to articulate how to prioritise implementation
5. You must be willing to work to protect the interest of the country you want to represent.
6. An AFCONA must be able and willing to work in team both with:
a. People from your country
b. Other AFCONAs from African countries

AFCONA Members

Event Location

Conference Center

Street: Schluefweg 10
Town: Kloten Zurich (ZH)
Postcode: 8302
Country: Switzerland


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ADIC 2017 Switzerland

ADIC 2017 focuses on mobilising investors for Agriculture and Tourist sectors in Africa. While discussions will be centered around these key sectors, both there secondary sectors and value chains such as hospitality, energy, storage, transportation, SCM etc., will be covered.


DCG Switzerland
Alte Zugerstrasse 4
    8820 W√§denswil ZH.
 +41 43 833 0214
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