Mr. Justus Nyangáya

Justus Nyangáya

Mr. Justus Nyangáya
Country Director
Amnesty International

Justus Nyangáya is currently the Country Director for Amnesty International in Kenya overseeing the human rights portfolio specifically for Kenya and to a limited level the larger Eastern Africa region.

Justus holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of London – Institute of Education and certificate qualification in Leadership, Human Rights, Peace and conflict transformation from United Nations University International Leadership Academy based in Amman, Jordan.

The African story is complex and no one can tell it better than the African himself/herself. There is one thing, however, that is not in doubt: That Africa will one day rise from the ashes and take its rightful place on the global stage. That will require just one thing: Leadership."
Justus Nyangáya

He has successful carried out various lobbying and advocacy activities with governments and UN member states on such crucial issues as The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), The International Justice with the International Criminal Court (ICC) reforms agenda under the Assembly of State Parties (ASP) and with the US State Department and Congressional teams on Global Refugee Crisis.

As the founder of Lead Africa, he has been keen to create a transformative governance institutions in Africa with the ability to facilitate and transform the mind-set of our people to address the challenges and opportunities of our times in line with what Abraham Lincoln once said that “the dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to address the stormy present”. He is passionate about social justice issues urging Africans to think anew and must develop not only a new mind-set but also a new skill-set and a new tool-set to address both our present and future context.

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